SUPER Pigments

New PhiBrows Super Pigments for Super Results

Every permanent makeup artists knows that the quality of the pigments they use largely determines the quality of the results. Apart from a subpar technique, low quality pigments often cause unattractive discoloration of microbladed eyebrows – they might turn orange or blue/grayish after a certain amount of time.

This happens because many formulas on the market are not stable enough.  At Art of Beauty, pigment formulas are constantly being perfected by working PMU artists for working PMU artists. The newest addition is the series of improved PhiBrows Super Pigments, a revolutionary formula designed to prevent undesirable color changes.

How Does the Choice of Pigment Affect the Results of Microblading?

It’s very important for both PMU artists and clients to be informed about pigments – what they are made of and how they behave in the skin. One of the crucial steps in the microblading process is choosing the right shade for the client. PhiBrows artists go through detailed training where they learn proper shade matching. An experienced artist will know that the color changes to a certain degree once injected, so they will be able to visualize the future results and adapt the shade.

Pigment’s Instability and Why It Happens?

Unfortunately, low quality pigments tend to change quite a bit in the skin. That’s why we call them unstable. Their color is unpredictable, looks a lot different once injected, and after a while, fades into orange or gray. This happens because the body recognizes a low quality formula as a foreign object and works hard to dissolve the pigment, but a portion of it remains. Some particularly low quality formulas contain ingredients that never completely fade from the skin.

The body’s response largely depends on the ingredients of the pigment  – the worse the ingredients, the worse the results. A major issue is that some inferior quality pigments don’t even list all the ingredients. Cheaper artists usually use cheaper supplies, so if the price of the treatment sounds too good to be true, it’s best to go elsewhere.

The New PhiBrows Super Pigments

PhiBrows artists recognize the importance of a stable, yet easy to work with non magnetized formula. The new series of PhiBrows Super pigments is a results of many years of experimentation, expertise, hard work and dedication from pioneers of microblading.  

The new SUPER series of pigments includes all the beloved shades like the PhiBrows Goldenbrown Super, the iconic reddish shade PhiBrows Fox Super, and the best-selling PhiBrows Brown 2 Super. A total of 8 shades, their unique formula enables easy further mixing and modification.

PhiBrows brown 2 super

Revolutionary Improvements

The new formulation of the well-known shades is more stable than ever, which means no unattractive color changes with fading and no pigment migration, but the biggest improvement is the fact that this is the cleanest PhiBrows formula yet which the body doesn’t recognize as a foreign matter, hence the stability.

Another improvement that is bound to make the lives of PhiBrows artists a lot easier is the fact that the pigments hardly change color once injected, so no, you no longer have to possess psychic abilities in order to be a microblading artist! The formula is durable even on oily skin. What you see is what you get! This will be especially helpful for artists who are just starting out and don’t have much experience.

Your clients will be thrilled to hear that with the new SUPER formula, healing time is shorter than ever, so they don’t have to cancel their plans after a procedure.  

Why Choose The New Super Pigments?

With the new line of PhiBrows SUPER Pigments, the clients are bound to be satisfied with the results. Supreme color consistency, a wide range of shades that can be further modified, top quality ingredients mixed into a revolutionary liquid formula that is easy to work with all contribute to an enjoyable microblading experience for both the client and the artist, not to the mention the fabulous long-lasting results. The redesigned packaging adds a dose of luxury, protects the formula and keeps it stable.

NOTE: The new SUPER Pigments formula is available exclusively to certified PhiBrows artists. To purchase them, please send your certificate or certificate number to