Phi Areola Pigment Red 10ml


It’s not only the color of the skin that can range from light to dark brown, but the color of the seemingly unimportant parts as well. Such part is the nipple, and when it comes to people who want to undergo the PhiAreola procedure, it’s very important that you have the perfect shade that will match well with their nipples.

A good result comes with a good transition of light and shadow, which creates the illusion of three-dimensionality. Hence, you need to have a wide range of pigments that you will use. The color of the nipple can range from pink and red to dark brown, and the PhiAreola Pigment Red is something that you need to have if you want perfect results, especially for people whose nipples were supposed a reddish shade.

This pigment is made out of high-quality products and will give you just the effect that you’ve wanted.

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