PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigments SUPE Yellow


In microblading color theory, Yellow SUPE pigment is the lightest color of all three base colors. It is also extremely versatile, since you can use it to create all three shades of brown (when mixed with browns and black) and various tones of orange.  On its own, Yellow SUPE pigment is used exclusively for lighter hair tones, like natural and colored blondes. Plus, yellow can serve as a mask to make dark colors less intense during the first 7 days following treatment. Here’s more reasons to buy it from us:

  • 2 x .18 oz bottles
  • Original formula
  • 100% microblading quality
  • 0% heavy metals (tested)
  • Base color
  • Over 50 color mixings
  • Treats light hair
  • Treats up to 40 clients
  • Mask for dark colors
  • 100% ready for use
  • Same day shipping

Artists can use this pigment to treat light hair, like natural blondes, bleached or gray hair. As a base color yellow can is used to mix with red, brown and black to create Brown 1, Brown 2, Golden Brown Orange, Fox, and Olive. You can also use it on extremely black hair to mask it 7 days following treatment. It’s just that flexible.

Yellow is the base color in microblading theory. This is achieved because it is made using the SUPE formula. Because of this, the pigment has a thick, solid texture. The formula also contains both synthetic and organic materials (in equal amounts). In doing this, PhiBrows was able to create for the first time in microblading history a recipe of making a light color visible on the skin. Paving the way for color theory, and the treatment of naturally light-haired clients. What an achievement!

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