PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigment SUP Brown 3


SUP Brown 3 is the darkest shade of brown among all microblading pigments. It’s a black-based color, so you will use this pigment to treat natural dark-haired clients and brunettes. The formula used to create this pigment contains all the best features of both synthetic and organic pigments. It’s extremely stable (can last up to one year), thick and has a better honey effect. Here’s everything you get:

  • .33 oz bottle
  • Original SUP formula
  • 100% microblading quality
  • 0% heavy metals (tested)
  • Treats up to 40 clients
  • 100% ready for use
  • Same day shipping

Brown 3 contains two parts Brown 2 to one part black. This color is exclusively used to treat dark brows of dark-haired and dark brunette clients. This gives their brows a deep natural look which perfectly compliments the color and thickness of this type of brow. The pigment is easily applied even to the thickest skin and has a warm effect right after the first application. It also has a higher honey effect so it doesn’t spill when you open the bottle and you will use every last drop.

This texture of this pigment is extremely thick and highly concentrated. Before applying the pigment with microblades to the skin, you will first need to use a thinning agent and a mixer. This will prepare the pigment and distribute it evenly inside the cup or container. You can use this pigment as part of your microblading treatments, as well as PMU when using a PMU machine.

By mixing synthetic with organic pigments, master artist Branko Babic was able to create a new formula, called SUP (Supplemental). The synthetic particles include black and yellow pigments, while the organic parts include red iron oxide, micronized using a special grinding technique. Despite containing iron oxide, no SUP pigment contains any traces of heavy metals. Each batch is tested via “total opening” tests that approve the pigment for use on human skin in all major countries in the world, including the USA. Let your clients know this since most of them ask is the microblading procedure safe.

All SUP Brown 3 packs have one .33 oz bottle of brown pigment. With this pack, you can treat up to 40 clients for just $85. That’s an average cost of around $2 per treatment you spend on pigment. It would be ridiculous not to take advantage of this offer.

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