PhiBrows™ Microblading Stroke Marker


How do you know all your strokes are ready for the second pass? Reveal them with a PhiBrows Microblading Stroke Marker. This is a new type of pigment created specifically to mark all the hair strokes you make after the first pass. All you have to do is stain the brow, leave it on for a short while, and wipe it off to reveal every last stroke you’ve made. Here’s exactly what you receive with your purchase:

  • .33 oz bottles
  • Reveals all strokes
  • Best after the first pass
  • Original formula
  • 100% microblading quality
  • Treats up to 40 clients
  • 100% safe to use
  • Same day shipping

Stroke market is a type of nano pigment that has a much finer texture than regular microblading pigment. This enables it to enter even the tiniest microcuts and reveal them to the naked eye. It is most effective when you want to reveal the shallow strokes of your first pass and see if you need to make some adjustments. It’s also less thick than normal pigment so you can use it immediately after opening.

In case you are using it for the first time, don’t worry. It’s very simple to use. Give it a little shake before you open it, and then apply it to a disposable makeup brush. This has proven to be the tool that works best with the stroke marker. Evenly distribute it across the entire brush, and then just apply it onto the eyebrow and surrounding skin. Leave it on for about 2-3 minutes so the pigment can settle in the strokes. After that all you have to do is wipe it off (with a sterile wipe), and your strokes will be revealed.

The best time to use the stroke marker is after the first pass. This is especially useful when treating clients who have problematic or oily skin which makes the first pass virtually invisible. Once you apply the stroke marker, it will highlight your strokes and enable you to differentiate real hairs from your first pass.

The PhiBrows Stroke Marker is made by the PhiAcademy. Before being packaged, each batch of marker is tested according to the health and safety standards controlling cosmetic products in the USA. It is 100% safe to use, and can be applied to all skin types.

Your new stroke marker is available for only $48. That’s just a little over a dollar you will spend on this product per client. And you reveal no less than 80 eyebrows. For that price, it’s a bargain and all you have to do is click on the “Buy” button. We’ll start the shipment as soon as you do.


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