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PhiBrows U-304 Blade is the latest addition in the microblading toolkit. This blade is the result of cutting-edge design for a sharper and more precise microblading experience. This makes it easier for you to draw clean, thin and natural-looking strokes. Each U-Blade contains 18 stainless steel pins which can be mounted on both eccentric and classic tools. Take a look at what else you get:

  • Comes with 50 pcs.
  • 100% stainless steel
  • 100% sterilized
  • Fits eccentric & classic tools
  • Protective packaging
  • U-shape design
  • Thinner & sharper blades
  • 100% for microblading
  • For thinner hair
  • Disposable after use

The new microblade was created by the PhiAcademy. The blades are lined flat next to each other, while their tips form the U-shape which gives them their name. Each tip works in perfect sync with the ones next to it to form sharp and accurate strokes, even when working on thicker skin. Because of this, you also don’t need to apply less pressure. And it performs well both with long and short strokes.

This blade can be fitted on both eccentric and classic tools. The blade can even be used with the adjustable ring to form those circular hairs at the tip of the brow. All of this means the blade can be used virtually in any angle, and perfectly suits any microblading technique.

 The U-304 blade is made from stainless steel. This allows it to form thinner and sharper strokes (microcuts) than any previous blade. The 18 flat-blade can easily penetrate the upper layers of the skin, which especially useful when working with clients who have thinner hair. Despite this, the blade requires practice and it is hard if you’re a beginner to get used to it.

That’s why we suggest you make the transition easier and start practicing. Get this blade for only 70$, and you will get 50 individually packaged U-304 Microblades to perfect your skill. There’s a sense in that since you will pay a little over a dollar per blade. Considering that most masters tend to use this blade, that’s a bargain. So, you know you’re paying for quality.