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PhiBrows microblading pain relief is a topical anesthetic. A strong numbing formula. Fast application time. Accelerates recovery process. Easy to apply on the skin. Quick skin absorption. Safe and tested. Your clients won’t feel a thing.


  • Topical anesthetic
  • Numbs within seconds


The PhiBrows microblading pain relief is a strong topical anesthetic. A highly concentrated formula. Contains lidocaine, tetracaine, and epinephrine. And concentrated on numbing. Spread evenly on the treatment area. It’s quickly absorbed into the skin. Holds for at least a few hours. Just enough to complete the service. And to do it with focus, precision, and excellence. It makes your work so much easier. Clients feel only a tingling sensation during the treatment. The anesthetic is like a cream. It’s easy to clean after the service.


And it won’t affect other products for pre-treatment use. Use it along Block Tonic or any PhiWipes. A formula developed for the finest service. It sticks to the skin. And it penetrates deeply. Tested on different parts of the body. With quick application time. Simply “freezes” the skin on the place of application. But makes no “hot or cold” sensations. Gives your client a smoother experience. A necessity for any microblading treatment.  


Also, PhiBrows microblading pain relief makes recovery faster. Use it with other during and aftercare products. Aside from numbing elements, the formula is rich with minerals and natural oils. For even more incredible recovery. And even more comfortable experience. Faster regeneration and less pain with a combination of other products. Truly, a protective layer.


For most of microblading treatments, you need an anesthetic. And of course, a treatment should be painless. Make it so. And do it for 55$. Give your clients the most comfortable experience. PhiBrows microblading pain relief numbs within seconds.