PhiBrows™ Microblading Accessories

Working on the appearance of your business and professionalism should be your #1 priority. In order to give your customers that professional feel and lure them by advertising your brand and showing how important it is, you should also invest in the small things that are not connected to any beauty procedure but do wonders for your image.

The PhiBrows Microblading Accessories offer something for everyone who’s in love with their business. Starting from the small things such as headbands and towels, to the ones that are more serious such as PhiBrow aprons, uniforms, shirts and t-shirts, this department is there to help you make a better image for your business.

Moreover, all of the products carry the logo of PhiAcademy, which is complementary to any interior thanks to its minimalistic and elegant look. The gold and black colors that are predominant emphasize the glamor, elegance, luxury and professionalism that this brand is all about.

Phi luminate™ Ring Light


Phibrows™ Apron


Phibrows™ Headband


Phi™ Case


Phibrows™ Towel Black


Phi™ Uniform 2.0


Phi Fragrance


Phi Bracelet


Phi Traveler Set


Phi Belt Black


Phi T-Shirt


Phi™ Shirt


Phi Belt Gold