PhiBrows™ Microblading During & After Treatment

You are in the beauty business, and this involves more than just microblading the eyebrows. This means that you need to pay special attention to the aftercare routine of each individual, and also for the products that you are using during your procedure.

PhiBrow Microblading During & Aftercare products offer a wide range of products that you are supposed (and advised) to have in your collection for your customers. Starting from gels that will protect the skin of your client from affecting the quality and intensity of pigment after the PhiBrows treatment, to foam skin cleansers and after care wipes, the shop offers a variety of different things that are extremely helpful and recommended.

All of the products in this department are made out of the materials of the highest quality, so you are definitely paying for quality. All of them will arrive safely and intact at your destination, thanks to the special way of closing and sealing each package.

Don’t only take care of the microblading products, but the ones that are used as after care as well. This is how you will get your customers to trust you and extend your business.

Phi™ Wipes Block Tonic


Phi Foam Skin Cleanser


Phi™ Wipes Asept


Phi Tattoo Peeling


Tango Face Mask


Jive Face Mask


Phi™ Makeup Remover Wipes


Tattoo Sun Protection


PhiTopic Cream (10ml)