PhiBrows™ Microblading Latex Practice Skin

In order to be excellent at what you’re doing, not only do you need the education and knowledge, but practice as well. Since it’s very difficult to find actual practice in microblading without learning how to microblade on human skin, PhiAcademy has a solution to that.

The PhiBrow Microblading Practice Skin is there to help you gain practice while working on faux skin. The pieces that come together for a great price are made out of the best latex. It’s extremely soft and the texture is almost identical to human skin, which makes it perfect for practice. Even if you make a mistake, there’s no problem as there is plenty of room for you to try it again and make your technique perfect for working with real life models.

This is definitely something that many new artists need, as you can never get enough practice. This is why investing in such products is a great idea - you are investing in your experience, which, in this case, comes at a small price.