PhiBrows™ Microblading Products

If you jump on this bandwagon called “microblading”, it’s very important that you have the best products made of the highest-quality. In a sea of multiple products sold by many companies, you should definitely aim for the best of the best.

PhiBrows offer a wide range of products for microbladed eyebrows in many different departments - pigments, tools, blades, products for during the treatment and aftercare, accessories, and even faux skin for you to practice on.

All of the products found on this page are 100% made out of materials and ingredients of the highest quality, and they are closed and sealed using the latest technology, which means that all of your products will arrive safely and in perfect condition.

Work on the comfort of your customers and the professionalism that you want to encourage in your salon by purchasing the most important PhiBrows microblading products from our own shop. Good microbladed eyebrows is the goal both of your customer and yourself, and this is how you will achieve just that.

Phi™ Wipes After Care


Phi™ Wipes Block Tonic


Phi Foam 150 ml


Phi™ Wipes Asept