PhiBrows™ Microblading Tools

The customer will always take a glance and see all of the tools that you are using. Depending on the quality and the physical condition of your tools, they will be either satisfied or not, which can definitely affect your business. Moreover, since you chose this profession, it’s very important to use the best tools you can so that you cater for any needs of your customer and provide a great result.

Using PhiBrows Microblading Tools might do the work. There is a plethora of tools that you can choose from, and even though some are must-haves for your salon, others are there to make your life slightly easier. Ranging from disposable tools, self-adhesive pigment containers to seemingly unimportant (but very useful) tools such as the pigment ring holder, all of our tools are there to help you become the most wanted professional.

All the products are closed and sealed using the latest technology, which means that they will arrive safely, intact and in perfect condition. After all, this is very important for any microblading tool.

Choose the best and the tools of the highest-quality to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. This is something that you should not save on, so invest in the right tools.

Pigment Ring Holder


PhiMixer Stick 10pcs


Phi Pen Blister 5/1


Phi-Ion Bit


Phi Glow Holder


Phi-Ion Pen


Needle Module


Phi Barrier Film Holder