PhiBrows 7 Pins/19 Pins Shading Needles


7Pins Single Row / 19Pins Three Rows Needles (10pcs each - total 20pcs) suitable for all Universal Holders.

PhiBlade 7 - smooth and natural shading, even for delicate areas.
If you are looking for a shader blade with excellent precision and stability, then your choice should be the PhiBrows 7Pin Needle. Due to the fact that it is elastic and sharp, it delivers the most natural and a very smooth look, even for the most delicate areas. Not only is it capable of to shade nicely and add details, it is also made of the best medical grade stainless steel which provides ultimate precision. Each blade is packed separately so they are all completely protected from any physical damages.

PhiBlade 19 - definition and precision, all in one shader blade.
The PhiBrows 19Pin Needle is the best set of needles for an ombre effect and shading effect. It’s made out of #19 needles in three rows, which makes it perfect for filling in sparse areas, as well. It is also a great option for evening out brows that are not of the same strength by filling them in with microblading strokes and thus giving more density to the brow.

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