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PhiNesse Black Mask is deep cleansing purifying peel-off mask that delivers powerful detoxifying and brightening results.

Since you are already in the beauty business, it’s important that you cater for other needs your patients might be having, not only the actual procedure that they wish for.

One good way to start is starting your treatment with a good skin cleanse. The PhiAcademy Black Mask might be a great product to do this with: it is an intensive mask with a moist afterfeel that will not only deeply clean your customer’s skin, but also get rid of any impurities and most importantly, blackheads. It also purifies and softens the skin, giving your customer a great, comfortable feeling on their face.

Apply the mask to the face of your customer and leave it there for 20-30 minutes, and eventually peel it off. Since it’s made out of the highest quality earth clays, it will unclog all the pores and absorb the unnecessary oil. As a result, the PhiAcademy Black Mask will leave the skin smooth and polished.



Before using PhiAcademy Black Mask, clean and wash your face with warm water to open the pores. Apply a thin layer of the mask only to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), where you have blemishes, blackheads and clogged pores. Leave the mask to work for 25-30 minutes until completely dry, and then pull it off.

You are recommended to use the mask once or twice a week for the best and lasting results: cleaner, fresher and more radiant skin without blackheads. Certain impurities can reach the surface of the skin a few days after using the mask for the first time, which is a positive result of the cleansing effect.

Avoid applying the face mask to the delicate skin around the eyes, hair area and the cheeks if you have normal to dry skin.

After using PhiAcademy Black Mask, depending on the type of the skin, it is recommended to use Jive (for young skin) or Tango (for mature skin) for extra moisture.