Disposable Cartridge Needles Revo 3R 0.18



What makes this disposable cartridge needle so great? Because it has three pins that deliver 0.18 ml of pigment? Because it’s Revo? Or because you can use it for both PMU and tattoo treatments? It’s great because it’s the perfect fit for you. Here are the precise reasons in a clear bulleted list:

  • Compatible with Simplicity Master/ Artist Machine
  • Comes with 15 pcs
  • 3 needle pins (3R)
  • Same size needles
  • Holds .18 ml of ink
  • EO sterilized
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Anti-backflow design
  • Vented port and hole
  • Includes fluid filter

The 3R symbol represents the size of the needle and its length. In this particular model, each needle is placed next to each other at the same length for an even stroke surface. The needles are made from stainless steel (surgical grade), which has been sterilized using EO gas before being individually wrapped and packaged. Their composition and the revo capability (ability to adjust needle depth), means they can precisely penetrate different types and thickness of the skin.

The cartridge component is made from plastic. It can hold .18 ml of ink or pigment, depending on the type of treatment you provide to clients. The cartridge is designed to prevent anti-backflow and contamination. This is achieved through the inclusion of fluid filters and vents, which stabilize the ink when inside the container for increased control during its distribution on the skin.

Cartridge needles 3R .18 come inside a box that contains 15 individually wrapped, disposable units. The price of this package is just $74.83, which is a few cents short of $5 per one cartridge. When you consider how much money you earn from one treatment, be it PMU or body art, it’s an investment you can’t afford to ignore. So, why don’t you place an order right now, spend a little money, and ensure your kit is ready to make 50 times more money?

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