Disposable Cartridge Needles Revo 3R 0.25


You must be looking for something really specific if you made it to this item. A disposable cartridge needle that’s Revo and has three pins and holds 0.25 ml of ink/pigment. Congratulations, you are our favorite artist because you know exactly what you want. That’s why we promise we’ll give you that and more:

  • Compatible with Simplicity Master/ Artist Machine
  • Comes with 15 pcs
  • 3 needle pins (3R)
  • Same size needles
  • Holds .25 ml of ink
  • EO sterilized
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Anti-backflow design
  • Vented port and hole
  • Includes fluid filter

This disposable cartridge needle has 3 needle pins of the same size. The 3R symbol means all three needle pins are aligned at the same length. It’s also a Revo cartridge, so it has adjustable needle depth for extra control when piercing the skin. Plus, it’s made from surgical stainless steel which makes it sharp and precise even when penetrating the thicker skin.

The disposable cartridge is intended for both PMU and tattoo artists. That’s why it fits multiple types of machines, including the Simplicity Master, and can accommodate .25 ml of both ink and PMU pigment.

The plastic component of the cartridge is designed to enable pigment to be easily inserted into it. It has an anti-backflow system which prevents it from exiting the cartridge, and a vented port and hole for additional control when distributing the pigment onto the skin. The entire product is completely sterilized with EO gas before being packaged and has a fluid filter that prevents contamination.

The disposable cartridge needle 3R comes with 15 individually wrapped cartridges packed inside a convenient box. All 15 can be yours for the price of just $73.63. That’s less than $5 per one cartridge, or per single treatment. When you consider how much you’ll earn from just that one session, you don’t want to miss out on this bargain. All you have to do is click the button and we’ll start your shipment.

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