Disposable Cartridge Needles Revo 4F 0.3


It’s the only disposable cartridge needle that we offer with 4 needle pins. But it’s still worth every cent. It contains 0.3 ml of ink or pigment and is revo. You can use it if you like helping people put a tribal design Spiderman holding hands with Super Mario, or you’re the other type helping people get semi-permanent eyeliner or fixing their bald spots. It’s for you. Believe it, here’s why:

  • Compatible with Simplicity Master/ Artist Machine
  • Comes with 15 pcs
  • 4 needle pins (4F)
  • Same size needles
  • Holds .3 ml of ink
  • EO sterilized
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Anti-backflow design
  • Vented port and hole
  • Includes fluid filter

This disposable cartridge has 4 stainless steel needle pins. They are lined up according to the 4F layout, which means four needles in a row. It’s also a revo model, so they have adjustable depth. All of this gives you precision and control when working, regardless of skin thickness.

The plastic part of the cartridge has an anti-backflow design. When you insert the 0.3 ml of pigment (its max capacity), not a single drop will return into the pigment container. For even more control when distributing the pigment onto the skin, the cartridge is vented which provides an even flow of fluid at all times. And it has an ink filter that prevents contamination.

The cartridge can fit most PMU and tattoo machines. It has been sterilized using Ethylene Oxide gas, the same method used to decontaminate medical equipment. All you have to do is unwrap one needle cartridge and mount it onto your machine, and it’s ready for use.

If you’re ready to get yourself a new cartridge needle, look no further and click on the green button above. You get 15 cartridges at a price of just $86.90, which is less than $6 per treatment. So, it’s a lot smaller investment when you think of the returns from 15 treatments.

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