Disposable Cartridge Needles Revo Tri-M 2.00


Out of all the disposable cartridges available on our site, this is a beast. This disposable cartridge needle has 12 needle pins and can take two whole milliliters of pigment. That’s a massive amount even if you’re in the tattoo, not to mention PMU. Still, you need one. Imagine the possibilities, and what you can do with it. It’s just that good. Here’s what else is great:

  • Compatible with Simplicity Master/ Artist Machine
  • Comes with 10 pcs
  • 12 needle pins (Tri-M)
  • Same size needles
  • Holds 2 ml of ink
  • EO sterilized
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Anti-backflow design
  • Vented port and hole
  • Includes fluid filter

This is the largest available cartridge needle. It holds a massive 2 ml of ink or pigment and has 12 needles. Each needle is the same size and made from EO gas sterilized surgical stainless steel. The needles are distributed in a 2-3-2-3-2 arrangement and have an adjustable depth so they can insert pigment to any skin regardless of its thickness.

The plastic cartridge is designed to prevent pigment or ink backflow. This allows the fluid to easily pass to the needle without returning. It also has vents for even more control when you start distributing the pigment to the client’s skin. Plus, it has fluid filters which prevent the contamination of the ink when it enters the skin.

This cartridge is a tool which can be used in skin rejuvenation or correctional treatments, as well as microneedling. So if you have a client base who are fans of facials, this one is for you.

The 12-needles allow efficient product penetration of the skin, as more points of access are created at the same time. The cartridge is compatible with our Simplicity Machines for a stable and reliable treatment application.

The Tri-M disposable needle cartridge with 12 pins comes in a handy box which contains 10 individually wrapped cartridges ready for use as soon as you open it. This box costs around $97.00, which is less than $10 per treatment you spend on needle cartridges. When you consider the fact how much money a lengthy PMU or tattoo treatment can make you, it only seems fair for us to charge you this much and for you to spend a little to earn so much more. Think of it as the best investment you will make today.

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