Pigment Ring Holder


The pigment holder is a ring inc cup. It gives you more precision and stability. A hygienic environment for your treatments. Completely plastic and disposable. Totally safe for application. Improves dosage control. Easy to use. Amazing for microblading, PMU or lash services. A single tool that can improve your delivery in any treatment.

  • Contains 50 pcs
  • Sealed and sterilized
  • 100% hygienic
  • Disposable & easy to use
  • Quality dosage control
  • For extra stability
  • Made from plastic

The pigment holder is used as a ring. It’s totally plastic. Made for one-time use. Completely sterile and it comes in a sterile packaging. Created for better dosage control and designed to contain all the pigment without spilling. Made of high-quality materials so no holes, no breakage, and no badly-shaped pieces. The only piece you need for an outstanding service. And it fits your finger.

It gives your service more stability. The pigment holder is strong enough to resist any working conditions. It’s designed to prevent potential spillage of ink and to make your services more secure. Plus it’s completely hygienic and disposable, so no need to clean it or maintain it after the service. Application of ink from the pigment holder is totally safe. Just like your services are. Don’t waste a single second of your treatment on moving back-and-forth, just concentrate on what you’re doing.

An artist of your caliber uses every second of the treatment. An average artist loses too much time on pigment preparation. Focus solely on your service. Take the pigment and apply without any excessive movements. It makes you more functional. Time is something you can’t afford to lose.

Pigment holder makes your services more efficient. Don’t lose precious time while your ink dries. Your treatments grant no second chances. Don’t ask for them. Make the most of your treatment for the price of 6$. It comes in a package of 50 pieces and lasts 50 treatments.

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