PhiBrows Master Blade 3R Round Blade 50pcs


PhiBrows Manual Shading Needle is an original product of the PhiAcademy, and is created almost exclusively for manual shading treatments. However, it can be applied for both microblading and ombre. These needles contain three round blades placed next to each other for delicate strokes that achieve a remarkably fine, yet dense look on your client’s brows. But that’s not all you get:

  • Comes with 50 pcs.
  • 100% sterilized
  • Fits eccentric & classic tools
  • Round design
  • 5 pins per blade
  • For Manual Shading
  • For fine strokes
  • Disposable after use

The PhiBrows stamp ensures the quality of this item. It is made from high-quality steel and is extremely sharp. That’s what will allow you to create precise and delicate strokes when doing a treatment. The small cuts this needle creates is the best choice when you want to give your client that fuller look since it gives each hair a new level of depth.

The needle has three round blades and can be fitted onto both eccentric and classic tools. You can also use the needle with the adjustable ring to complete precise circular strokes at the tip of the brow. And, the needle can be placed at any angle to compliment your particular style of manual shading.

Before being packaged, each needle is completely sterilized. They come individually wrapped and all you have to do is remove the container and it’s ready for use. These needles are intended for one use only, and you should appropriately dispose of them after you finish the treatment.

You can purchase the official PhiBrows Manual Shading Needle right here. Each box you buy contains 50 blades and stands at just $67. That’s little over one dollar per treatment you will spend on needles. So, if you’re looking to resupply your kit this is a bargain you can’t pass on.

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