PhiBrows Master Manual Shading 5R Round Blade 50pcs


PhiBrows Manual Shading Needles with 5 blades are developed by the PhiAcademy. That means they certainly have the quality to meet all your manual shading needs. Each needle contains 5 blades made from grade-A steel. As soon as you purchase one, all you need is fit it on, and it’s ready to perform miracles on your client’s brows. Plus, there are more cool features:

  • Comes with 50 pcs.
  • 100% sterilized
  • Fits eccentric & classic tools
  • Round design
  • 5 pins per blade
  • For Manual Shading
  • For fine strokes
  • Disposable after use

The manual shading needle has 5 individual blades. These blades are packed tightly in a round design. This means that there is one central needle around which four others are placed. When treating a client, this will give you a precise shading effect with much finner strokes.

The blades can be fitted onto any microblading, manual shading or ombre tools. This includes tools with both the eccentric an classic design, as well as tools with the adjustable ring for fine strokes at the tip of the brow. It can also be placed at any angle and will fit your technique and style of manual shading perfectly.

These blades are all wrapped individually and are intended for one-time use. Pre-packaging, they are sterilized, so all you have to do is remove the wrapping and fit it onto your tool. Please make sure to use sterilized gloves when doing this. Once you have completed the treatment remove the blade and dispose of it.

The PhiBrows manual shading needles contain a box of 50 blades. If you’re resupplying your kit, this is extremely convenient since you only pay $67. That’s just over one dollar per single blade, which means you spend that much per one treatment. And if you buy it now (by clicking on the green button above), we won’t see each other for an entire month. If you hate shopping that much, buy three! We don’t mind.

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