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The PhiBrows Marker Pen for microblading is the only tool for marking you’ll ever need. Innovative design allows you to fit and flex it how you want. Mark micropoints with exceptional precision. Make each stroke perfect. Great for microblading and PMU. Don’t lose a single drop of pigment. Make it count with outstanding precision. 1 pc per package. 


  • For Microblading & PMU
  • Innovative design
  • 100% HQ performance
  • Transparent
  • Easy to use
  • Precise & efficient


A PhiBrows marker pen is a measuring tool which you can fit and flex. Made of a very sharp and precise tip. Move and apply it however you like. Marks exceptionally fine micropoints. Materials are selected for fast application and easy removal. The marks are easy to edit. The microblading marker pen is completely transparent. The marks leave no irritation and are completely safe to be used on skin. A piece of the preparation process that makes every treatment remarkable.  


It’s totally efficient. All you have to do is wait 60 seconds after marking to know it’s dry, and you can start the treatment. It owes this high-quality performance to innovative design. So, you can apply the PhiBrows marker pen to any face type. Not a single client can resist this level of mastery.


Marking is completely flexible. You can easily edit marks with this one. Unlike other tools that leave stains and smudges, which makes it much more complicated. The difference is clear. You can now create marks with absolute precision.


Your client’s satisfaction depends on the sharpness of your service. On the wow moment when they look themselves in the mirror for the first time after receiving their new brows. You just gave them what no one else could - you made them feel beautiful once again. That’s when a lifetime of commitment comes into play. Remember preparation is a half of the success! Then it makes total sense to buy a tool that can achieve this for you at just 6$?