PhiBrows™ Marker Pen for Microblading


The PhiBrows Marker Pen for microblading is the only tool for marking you’ll ever need. Innovative design allows you to fit and flex it how you want. Mark micropoints with exceptional precision. Make each stroke perfect. Great for microblading and PMU. Don’t lose a single drop of pigment. Make it count with outstanding precision. 1 pc per package. 


  • For Microblading & PMU
  • Innovative design
  • 100% HQ performance
  • Transparent
  • Easy to use
  • Precise & efficient

The Marker Pen is designed with a very sharp and precise tip. It helps to make very fine micropoints. After marking, wait 60 seconds to dry, then start the treatment. The Marker Pen has been specifically designed to mark the skin before various treatments are performed. It is optimal to use for a microblading or PMU treatment and provides the perfection and simplicity you need. Even after the pigment has been wiped away, all the points made using the Pen remain. This product will help to enhance the treatment performance through its innovative design.

These points are then removed after the treatment by using PhiWipes.


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