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PhiBrows Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit


Boost your progress with a whole new experience of practice! Practice by the guidance of some of the best PhiAcademy masters' patterns, and all that with a 3D feeling of a real skin! The new advanced Phi Practice Kit brings the expertise of our best professionals - directly to the leisure of your own space. 

Specially designed 3D double printed latex pads for a whole new level of experience with some of the best Phi patterns worldwide at one place, for a totally unique experience of self development. Each latex pad has slightly printed eyebrow patterns which enables you to create different styles. 

Extremely flexible with a feeling of a real skin. The previously marked eyebrow stroke guides will provide the chance to achieve perfect precision, learn new styles, proper command over your strokes, and gain great shading skills. Great for beginners, as well as professionals who want to bring their technique on a totally new level. 

The kit also provides you a chance to try our new special and long requested product- Phi Practice Ink, an ideal pigment formula for practice purposes , with the same recognizable Phi quality standard and consistency. 


The kit contains: 

- 6 pieces of latex printed on both sides with multiple styles of patterns created by the most experienced Phi Masters 

-10 disposable tools with our most advanced 304 blade, thinnest microblading blade in the world 

- Our new exclusive product Practice ink 

- Phi Wipes for cleaning the latex 5 pcs 

- 3D latex pad for a total feeling of real model practice 

- 10 professional pigment rings 


The kit multiples the styles you can learn and gives you a totally new experience! All you need for the most advanced practice experience in one compact kit. 


***NOTE: Products are not sterile! Only intended for practice on Latex Skin.


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