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The GLAMCOR Multimedia X with Selfie Function & Universal Phone Clip is the most technologically advanced lighting product to date. With color temperature adjustability, remote control, and an array of accessories for all devices, you’ve just met your new lightweight, durable, powerful and portable lighting studio. With the Bluetooth Selfie Function, you can pair your smartphone to the light and use the remote control to take your photos and video to the highest level. Use the Multimedia X to film your tutorials by adding a camera, iPad, or smartphone. The MULTIMEDIA X is the ultimate content creation solution. COMPARE THE MULTIMEDIA X WITH OTHER GLAMCOR LIGHTS Multimedia X versus Multimedia Extreme How has the MULTIMEDIA X been improved from the MULTIMEDIA EXTREME? - The Universal Phone Clip is now included. (Additional optional accessories available for purchase: Universal Tablet Clip, Rear View Mirror, Universal Camera Clip, Mirror Accessory, and Blank Clip.) - The lighting is 25% brighter. The MULTIMEDIA X has 672 LEDs (168 Warm & 168 Cool on both arms) vs 336 LEDs on the MULTIMEDIA EXTREME (48 Warm & 48 Cool on both arms). - The arms and body have been redesigned to be slimmer and sleeker with a polished grey finish. - The mechanical buttons have been replaced with capacitive touch buttons. A designated power button has been added. - The geometric shaped protective case stands on its own. The case has a longer padded strap and trolly sleeve make traveling with your lighting system even more convenient.