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The 1 Day Nano Removal Training includes

  • 1 Day of in-depth theory and hands on removal training
    • Step by Step instructions on the breakdown of the Nano Removal Treatment
    • Learning your equipment and Products and how to setup your work station
    • Hands on practice with Nano Removal Technique and how to get the best removal results
    • Instructor Demonstration on Live Model. Assistance with student work on live model
    • Understanding the Craftmaster online portal and how to properly take advantage of the information and online training platform you have at your finger tips 
  • Premium Nano Removal kit:
    • Master or Artist Machine (optional)
    • Enzyme power peel x2
    • Phiremoval light S chemical peel x2
    • Philashes micro applicator 100 pieces
    • Philashes flocked lint free applicator
    • Ink cup 50 pieces
    • Phibrows practice ink 10ml
    • Phiwipes asept 20 pieces
    • Neutralizer solution
    • Skin candy scar protection gel 9 pieces
    • Phicontour latex printed lips x1
    • Phicontour latex printed eyes x1
    • practicing latex blank 3pieces
    • disposable cartridges Revo 1P (0.18) 15pieces
  • Work on live models which will be provided by the academy during the course. You will receive a certificate of attendance after the 1 day course of theory with removal technique and using the machine medical conditions, consultations, workstation setup, basic and advanced stroke patterns on artificial skin, about nano removal, and much more
  • You will be enrolled in a 6 months continuous education program which is completely self-paced meaning you can finished at your own pace. During this online training you will be challenged on various micro skills that makes up the nano removal treatment. It will provide numerous amounts of videos, photos, lectures, and support to ensure your success as a Nano Removal artist. 
  • 1 on 1 support via craftmaster application - There will be constant communication not only with your class mates on a daily basis but also with your instructor, royal artist, certified artist, and other masters around the world. You will be added to a viber chat/ groupme chat room which all questions that you may have about what really matters in this industry, how to get equipment, help with your business and much much more.
  • Certificate of Attendance - You will receive a Certificate of Attendance Showing you completed the live portion of this course, which will be presented to you at the end of the class complimented with Class Photos
  • Certificate of Completion - After the Completion of the NanoRemoval Craftmaster Online portion, you will then be recognized as a Nano Removal Certified Artist where you will receive a Final Certificate of Completion and a Custom Logo
  • Skin Expert Course - You will receive access to our Skin Expert course which goes in depth about the anatomy of the skin, how to care for it before, during and after the treatment and depth analysis, this course is essential for PMU artist.

We are here for you 24/7 and our support will be with you for a lifetime. Our training isn't only about providing the best training and ensuring that you become the best nano removal artist in the world but to also create a family of love and support!

Join us at PhiAcademy!