Online Phi Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Payment Options::
  • Master: Derek Addie

PhiScalp Online Training


Payment Options:

- Online Training with Kit only (NO machine): $1,750 + processing fees.

- Online Training with Artist Machine and Kit: $2,200 + processing fees.

- Online Training with Master Machine and Kit: $2,600 + processing fees.


Training includes:

• 6 Months Access to the Craft Master App, videos, lectures, support, 8 interactive levels of hands on practical work with constructive feedback and guidance

• PhiScalp Premium Micropigmentation Kit with your choice of machine, Simplicity Artist or Simplicity Master

• Work on variation of Skin Simulations and Live Model

• Six Months Unlimited Support & Supervision, daily communication with your instructor

• PhiScalp Micropigmentation Certificate of Completion

• PhiScalp Logo and Placement on Artist world map for free marketing

• Become a Group of Elite business professional and artist. Business and Personal growth opportunities are available

• FREE Business Course

• FREE Customer Service Course

• FREE Skin Expert Course

• FREE Hygiene Course


Course Description:

It’s a comprehensive online Training Course with 6 Months of continuous skill and business building curriculum, which allows you to develop the skills and technique of Scalp Micropigmentation at an Professional Artist level. Each class follows the international PhiScalp standard by world renowned PhiAcademy. To meet the standard you will receive guidance, education and supervision from PhiScalp Master Derek Addie and Associates qualifies by PhiAcademy. Our mission is to create dominant SMP artist with an innovative training program which allows our artist to learn special SMP strategies in a short period of time and stand out above competitors in the industry.

Unlike any live micropigmentation training, our PhiScalp classes are extensive, affordable and extremely efficient allowing you to learn at your own pace over a 6 Months period, giving you the opportunity to practice on honey different skin simulations and live models.

PhiScalp and our Master instructors are all experienced instructors with over 6 + years in the industry and knows exactly what it takes to build a six figure business from the ground up. We take pride in our students success and our business has been built from the success of our students and the stories they share.

No previous experience is required seeing that our training is structured by the
crawl-walk-run learning process which allows beginners, learn the technique and build a successful business with little stress.

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