Phi™ Case


Phi case is a black makeup bag. Made for easy transportation. Created for your products and tools. Designed to be durable. With a sturdy handle. And unbreakable zippers. Plus a space for your personal info card.

  • Easy to carry
  • Fits all microblading tools
  • Fits all microblading products
  • Quality premium material
  • Durable design
  • Waterproof
  • Odour resistant
  • Sturdy top handle
  • Unbreakable zippers
  • Extra space for info card

Unlike most wholesale makeup bags or cases, the Phi case is created exclusively for microblading. The compound materials make it durable, resistant to odour and waterproof. This case has a sturdy top handle and unbreakable zippers, excellent for artists on the move.

It fits a lot of products. A lot. All your blades, needles, pigments, cartridges, wipes, pens, mixers, tweezers, scissors, aftercare products, and even more. If you work with different clients or several different treatments, you won’t have to separate kits and cases. All you need is this case. The size is right. The fit is right. Even the price is right.The only official case designed specifically for PhiAcademy products. Created by microblading artists for microblading artist.

Is it really worth it to mess up your bag? Tried and tested in urban areas, cross-states and across continents. The Phi case survived it all. A perfect solution for every industry professional.

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