Phi Fragrance


Smells are extremely important as, even though we tend to forget people and places, the smell is something that we always remember. It is also, according to many studies, one of the crucial parts of any business, even though it is taken for granted.

If you want to provide something else than excellent microblading technique to your customers, you should make a nice and relaxing atmosphere your priority. With the Phi Fragrance and the scent of vanilla buttercream that’s unforgettable, your customers will feel relaxed and cozy and definitely come back again. Moreover, it will inspire them to advertise your business in a positive light, and is there something better than mouth-to-mouth ads?

This scent represents class, sophistication and style. If you’ve always wanted for your business to have a signature scent, this should be it. The bottle of scent and ten sticks come well-protected, and it is extremely durable.

Fragrance: vanilla buttercream


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