PhiBrows™ Hygienic Mask


PhiBrows hygienic mask is an absolute must-have in any treatment. It protects you and your client. Prevents possible infection or contamination. Fully adjustable for all face shapes and sizes. Plastic and disposable. You can’t do a single service without it. It’s your guarantee of a safe treatment.

  • Hygienic
  • Transparent
  • Plastic
  • Adjustable
  • Disposable

Higi mask fits any face. It comes with two elastic laces, a chin socket, and adjustable nose clip. Place your chin into the socket. Strap the laces around your ears. Adjust the nose clip, You are fully protected from work. Designed to fit the face of any shape or size. Combination of plastic and elastic materials makes it totally adjustable. Apply it with ease. Get comfort and safety for the price of a single item. Truly, it makes you work much easier.

The design of higi mask is subtle, yet effective. Covers the face completely. Your client won’t even feel you are breathing. Adjust it for your complete comfort. You won’t feel during the treatment. It leaves no skin marks after use. It doesn’t affect your performance. It enhances it.

Plastic makes a better protective solution than the usual paper mask. It absorbs infective aerosols much better than paper. Prevent any possible infection with PhiBrows higi mask. Disposable for your total pracution. That’s why it is as essential to the service as a microblading tool. Prevents possible infection transmitted through the air. Makes you and your client completely safe. That’s the only thing you can’t experiment with. You insurance of safe treatment.     

A PhiBrows hygienic mask is a guarantee of safe and successful treatment. Covers the face to prevent any infection. And it does without fault, every single time. You can have it for 9$ only. Buy it now to make your treatments completely safe. Client’s safety is priceless.

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