Phi Mixer - Pigment Mixer Machine


Phibrows pigment mixer machine is used to mix pigments for microblading and PMU services. Made of plastic and metal. Lightweight and efficient. Comes with additional mixing sticks. Works with batteries. A simple and effective tool to prepare for any service. Get the right color.

  • Efficient
  • Even mixing of pigments
  • Works with 2 AA 1.5V batteries
  • Comes with 5 mixing sticks
  • Made of plastic and metal
  • Lightweight

The PhiBrows pigment mixer machine is made of plastic and metal. It can’t overheat. And, it’s totally durable. A totally economic tool. It works with 2 AA 1.5V batteries. A single microblading or PMU treatment can make it last for almost a lifetime.

Pigment mixer machine is necessary for any microblading treatment. Mix pigments with ease. Do it fast. The machine is efficient. It takes only a few seconds to mix the pigments. It’s small, portable and lightweight. It’s always ready for work. Amazing tool to reduce the time between two treatments. Increases your efficiency as it reduces the duration of service. Focus on the client completely. Speed up your preparation. Of course, without sacrificing quality.

Light, durable and simple to charge, the pigment mixer is the ultimate preparation tool. It's designed for even mixing of pigments. The mixing sticks move at such speed to ensure the desired color each time. And you know it since you are a color theory master. Also, it’s an amazing tool for experimentation. Try to find your own colors. It only takes a few seconds.

No microblading or PMU service is complete without PhiBrows pigment mixer machine. A truly reliable tool. Easy to set up and use. Mix your pigments until you get the right color. And do it for 21$. Buy it today. Match client’s natural color. Mix it to perfection. It’s a solid base that makes your client’s experience a perfect one.

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