Phi Traveler Set


The nature of your job might require some travelling, which is something that all of us like. But when you’re travelling, especially on business trips, it’s very important that you do it with style.

Since you want to take your brand philosophy wherever you go, this Phi Traveler Set is the perfect thing for you. The set includes a passport case and a luggage tag in a special Phi gift box. In addition, the passport case has inserted pockets for card slots and other travel documents. Moreover, an array of extremely organized interior pockets makes having all of your essential documents organised. The Phi Traveler Set is an excellent thing for every organized person, and it could also be a great gift for someone who does the same type of work as you do.

The PhiAcademy logo makes the whole package even more glamorous. The box set comes in black color with a golden monogram.

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