Phi™ Uniform 2.0


Phi Uniform 2.0 is a comfortable solution for busy artists. It comes in black or white. With golden embroidery. And is available in multiple sizes. Stylish and elegant. Comfortable and durable. It turns a regular microblading artist into a sharply dressed superstar.

  • Available in all sizes
  • Comes in black and white
  • Gold embroidery
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Comfortable fit

Black and white. Because they are neutral colors. So the uniform can blend into every environment. Every style. And every brand. Striking a casual look. Then again, the gold embroidery gives it charm. A professional appearance associated with PhiBrows. An appearance your clients will soon associate with you.

The Ph Uniform is highly durable. It has to be. You are working with various pigments, dyes, pencils, tools, and machines. It’s expected to get stained here and there. And get a little dirty.

You are also going to work in different weather. Luckily, it’s created from a comfortable fiber blend. Keeping your temperature just right. The fiber is also durable. So it endures years of use, laundry washing without tearing or shrinking. That’s what we offer and in 2 different colors.

The Phi Uniform is stood out by completely blending in. Makes you look good in front of your clients. So you give them a great service, in a professional packaging. An unforgettable experience. But something you can’t resist coming back to. Or buying?

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