Phi Wipes After Care 5/1


PhiWipes aftercare are hygienic wipes used in post-treatment process. Use and apply before skin candy products. It’s non-toxic. Necessary for appropriate aftercare treatment. The formula to use instead of neutral soap and water. Great for busy and traveling clients. Made for the most important part of treatment - aftercare.

  • Use before skin candy application
  • Use every hour to wash your face
  • Amazing for busy clients
  • Great for traveling
  • Non-toxic
  • 5 wipes per pack

These wipes are to rid the skin of any impurities that could affect the healing and retention of pigments post-treatment. This covers permanent make-up treatments, including microblading.

The wipes contain some great ingredients, including Witch Hazel and Castor Oil. These help soothe and reduce possible swelling to ease any potential discomfort after treatment.

The PhiWipes are essential to the aftercare process. The face needs to be moisturized after treatment. And it can be cleaned only with water and neutral soap. Other products may damage skin and service results. Also, you have to moisturize the skin approximately every hour. And apply skin candy. Now, your client can afford a solution. Give them PhiWipes.

Your clients are busy. They can’t afford to carry around neutral soap. And, they need to clean their faces every hour. But, they can’t touch their eyebrows. Aftercare is cared about the brilliance of your work. Luckily PhWIpes is a best friend to a busy client. And with 5 fives per pack, they are sure to be protected.

Take out the wipe from the packaging and clean the eyebrows. Apply skin candy cream. It’s that simple. The PhiWipes non-toxic formula prevents and protects at the same time. Prevent infections. Protect against bacteria. Retain full color. Give them aftercare and assurance at the same time. And be free from it. You are giving them the finest service there is.

PhiWipes are an aftercare product you have to offer to your clients. They have to clean their face every hour. And they can’t use anything other than neutral soap. It comes with 5 pieces per pack. Their comfort is your success. Enable them to feel exclusive.

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