Phi Wipes Asept 50pcs


PhiWipes Asept is a pre-treatment disinfection product. An alcohol-free formula. And with no irritation. Use it on sensitive skin and all skin types. Clean client’s face for best results. Use it before various services. Ensure success with a clean working environment.

  • Alcohol-free
  • For sensitive skin
  • For disinfection
  • No irritation
  • 50 pcs

PhiWipes Asept is great for client’s skin. Based on alcohol-free formula. And no intensive alcohol smell. Soothes skin before treatment. Makes clients more relaxed. Great for all skin types. And works great on sensitive skin. No irritation. Tested and approved. Can be used in home care. Made from natural and synthetic components. A better and faster solution for face cleaning. Use it before various PhiAcademy services. A pre-treatment care product that should be a part of your working repertoire. It’s an asset.

The PhiWipes Asept makes a hygienic environment for you to work with. Removes any bacteria. Prevents infection. Forget about soaps and creams. It’s the only product you need to disinfect the face. Treat the area with wipes. It’s ready to work after a swipe. The area stays disinfected for some time. Great if you need to mix pigment beforehand. And if the client isn’t prepared for treatment immediately.

A totally easy to use the product. The wipes come in separate packages and there are 50 of them. Each wipe is sealed, tested and sterilized. Open it up and use. Wipes are disposable. The package is easy to tear, open and use. Keep it at your hand’s reach. You can’t work without them.

Disinfection is essential to the success of any beauty treatment. Especially for PhiBrows, PhiContour, PhiLings or PhiRemoval treatments. A clean and hygienic environment is more than a necessity. Buy it for 17$. And get it for at least 50 uses. Get PhiWipes Asept and be prepared for any treatment.

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