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PhiWipes block tonic is one of a kind product for in-treatment and after treatment use. Prevents bleeding and scab forming. Removes lymph. Helps in aftercare for clients with less consideration to post-treatment care. Easy to apply. Makes skin heal better with less bleeding. Truly, a product for safe and amazing treatment.

  • Slow down bleeding
  • Prevents scab forming
  • Use before and after treatment
  • Sterile
  • 20 pieces per package

PhiWipes Block Tonic gives you a safer and more successful treatment. Use to remove any unwanted effects of microblading or PMU. Apply during the treatment. Use a part of aftercare. A truly diverse product. Tap lightly on the area of treatment. Clean blood and remove lymph. Prevent a chance of scarring. And prevent scab forming. Makes sure your work looks stunning and perfect.

Bleeding and lymph reduce the effects of microblading and PMU. Prevent them. Wipe with Block Tonic. Don’t allow scabs to form. After microblading or PMU scabs lead to scarification. Stop it in its tracks. Clean the treated area. Soak and remove blood and lymphs. Prepare it for post-treatment care. Less bleeding and better results.

The PhiWipes are sterile and hygienic. Can be used as a part of post-treatment care. Awesome for a client that doesn’t pay any attention to aftercare. A cleansing product to use before skin candy or other protective products. Remember to press the lid after you take the wipe. Makes them last longer. Keep them sterilized. Keep your client’s face clean. Go for the finest results in every service.

PhiWipes block tonic is the best product to use for successful treatment. Protects the treated area. Prevents skin damage. Creates a protective layer. And even more for just 4.50$. And the package comes with 20 pieces. Buy it now. Make every treatment a success.