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PhiBrid™ 15/1 Cartridge Stabilizer for Simplicity Machines


What makes the PhiBrid so great? First of all, it’s made exclusively for the Simplicity Artist Machine. Then, it’s not just a cartridge, it’s a stabilizer for the machine. Not to mention it’s a distinctly PMU piece of kit. And it has a PhiAcademy sign of quality. You know it will work for you like you want it. Here are more benefits to look at:

  • Original PhiBrow product
  • Comes with 15 pcs
  • Compatible with Simplicity Machines
  • Artist & Master versions
  • Fits any needle cartridge
  • Works at any machine speed
  • Thin strokes even at high speed
  • 50% more pigment retention
  • Works over existing microblading
  • For normal and problematic skin
  • For a precise and safe pass
  • Adapted to freestyle technique

PhiBrid is a hybrid extension for needle cartridges. It is created specifically for Simplicity Master Machines, both the Artist and Master version. Made mostly from plastic, it has an extension which determines the depth of the needle pin and stabilizes it even at the highest speeds.

It takes some getting used to this cartridge, as you can only perform passes and strokes at a 90-degree angle. Exactly this features, means your strokes will be precise, safe and accurate even when you choose the maximum speed setting on the machine or perform fast, sharp strokes.

With PhiBrid, you will achieve the thinnest possible strokes. The pass will be so thin you can even use it over existing microblading strokes to create a shadow effect with artificial hairs. Due to this level of precision, you can easily perform microblading on problematic skin. When using it on normal skin, each stroke will retain pigment 50% more than when you use just a needle cartridge or a handheld tool.

The stabilizer was created to accommodate the freestyle microblading technique. Known for its fast passes, this tool will fix your hand when you make a stroke. Even if you make a mistake, the stroke is so thin it will look like a shadow effect rather than a hair out of place.

The PhiBrid Cartridge Stabilizer is available for same-day shipping. Each order contains 15 individually-packaged stabilizers for a price of just $17. So for just one, you pay just above $1. When you consider the speed, precision, and stability you will receive, that’s a small price to pay. Why not order now then? An investment that improves your technique is money well spent.

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