PhiBrows Microblading Supplies USA

PhiBrows Disposable Tools 18 U Classic 10pcs Box


Phibrows classic is a true microblading classic. A disposable tool for crisp and sharp lines. For better strokes with a classic blade handle. Amazing for all levels. An added microbrush allows better performance. You can choose to apply silicone pads, as well. Take your microblading experience to the next level.

  • Classic blade handle
  • Includes 10 pcs
  • 100% Sterilized microbrush
  • Self-adhesive microblade cleaner
  • Precise blade movement
  • Recreates natural shapes
  • Requires less effort
  • Pigment container
  • Lightweight & comfortable

Easier performance with the classic Phibrows disposable tool. Get more precision. Sterilized, disposable and ready to use. The blade is fixed at an angle so you can perform any microblading technique. Designed to deliver sharp angles, too. Comes with a microbrush. Better application of pigment onto the skin. Performs wonderfully with 0.18 blades.   

And you can perform wonderfully with it too. The handle is designed to allow totally precise strokes. Use it to ensure a clearness and crispness, and reach every single hair. Stand at the pinnacle of artistry with every new stroke. It’s also a truly lightweight tool. So it feels just like drawing with your fingertips. Define every stroke and finish the treatment with microbrush, it has that too. Apply every last drop of pigment. Give your client a total makeover. Make them want more. Something else. Let them get a classic microblading experience.

The Phibrows disposable tool is highly efficient. The package pays itself after a single treatment. While a single treatment gets you a month’s worth of tools. It also gives you an individualistic approach to each client. Give them beauty only you can provide. Achieve a level of artistry no one could before.

While this is a disposable microblading tool, you are non-disposable. You are an artist. Strive to remain one. Invest in your tools and buy it for just 62.90$ today. You can’t put a price on being your client’s favorite microblading artist, but we can offer you the tool and try.

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