PhiBrows Disposable Tools U18 Eccentric 10pcs Box


Phibrows eccentric disposable tool gives you an effortless stroke. The eccentric blade handle is there for easier microblading. The PhiBrush is there to define each stroke. You can even support silicone pads with it. An amazing disposable tool for beginners, artists and master microbladers alike. It’s invented to take your microblading experience to the next level.


  • Eccentric blade handle
  • Includes 10x pcs
  • 100% Sterilized microbrush
  • Self-adhesive microblade cleaner
  • Pigment container included
  • Silicone pads can be added
  • Simple blade movement
  • Recreates natural shapes
  • Requires less effort
  • Lightweight & comfortable


The PhiBrows disposable tool comes with a new handle.The eccentric design makes drawing straight lines easier, and there are multiple ways you can fix the blade into it. Regardless of its placement, the blade remains straight. Less complication, more results.


It has a PhiBrush, too. For easier pigment application. Don’t waste a single drop of pigment when you use it. Don’t forget, you can add silicone pads to control the pressure. So you can adjust your services completely. Plus more versatility with the pigment container. And mobility with each treatment. Reduce the service time with less preparation and more efficiency. A set of tools an artist can rely on. And it goes really well with 0.18 blades.


Simplify each movement for maximum efficiency. Achieve skin-deep strokes with higher pressure control. You will be able to reach inaccessible hair and create art with each treatment. A truly lightweight tool.

Redefine every stroke. Crown the treatment with the PhiBrush. Make the client commit to a total makeover experience, while you deliver it with ease. Turning a new client into a regular is a straight line with this tool.


The Phibrows disposable tool is meant for a busy artist. It returns the investment after the first time you use it. Stock up for a month for the price of one day of service. Approach each client with complete dedication. Because only you can give them the beauty they crave.


Get that fine stroke, along with mobility and efficiency. Buy the PhiBrows disposable tool to attain indisposable clients. Triple your income with a 62.90$ investment.

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