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Phibrows Desktop Mirror is a basic vanity mirror with a Phibrows logo. But it’s special, too. Because it was created especially for microblading artists. That makes it easy to maintain and hard to stain. Even with the darkest pigments. It’s used indoor but is light and durable so it also serves artists on the move.


  • 9.4″ x 4.7″
  • 99% unbreakable
  • Clear surface
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to transport


A humble 9.4″ x 4.7″ in size, it fits any workspace, salon, or office. It beats having vanity a large mirror requires that uses a lot of space. Because of its size, it doesn’t. But you might consider a better source of light, in case your business starts booming.


Most vanity mirrors need extra care. Our doesn’t. It’s easy to maintain, but extremely hard to stain. Most vanity mirrors also break easily. Our doesn’t. The quality of materials used, plus the design, meaning the mirror is 99% unbreakable. It’s made to be so because we know how hardcore microblading can get. Other vanity mirrors are made to be pretty - pretty breakable. That’s why the Phibrows Desktop Mirror is made to look good and last as long as your career.


Our mirror is also stainless. You touch it - no fingerprints. You smudge it with pigment - no traces of color. So while you need to scrub other vanity mirrors, a simple swipe of this desktop mirror does the job. It’s so good your clients will want it for themselves. But it’s yours. Well, not yet. Click that green button and buy something unbreakable.