PhiBrows Microblading Supplies USA



PhiBrows pencil for marking & shape drawing is a must for a microblading treatment. Mark and draw shapes. Flat surface for more accuracy. Leaves no smudges. Easy to sharpen. Set of two pieces lasts for dozens of treatments. Deliver the service with precision.

  • For marking and shape drawing
  • 2 pieces
  • Accurate
  • Flat surface
  • Fast sharpening
  • No smudges
  • Long-lasting

PhiBrows pen is a standard microblading tool. An essential in any kit. Use it to draw the shape of the brows. Mark the spots of the incision. Do it with complete accuracy. That’s why this pencil has a flat surface. Its edge gives total precision. Leaves no stains or smudges. It won’t mix with pigment. Just microblade inside the drawn shape. Shape blends in completely after the first layer of pigment. It’s the foundation of a successful service. After drawing is over, keep microblading.

The tool requires no maintenance other than sharpening. You can sharpen it in under a minute. Keep it with the rest of your tools. Keep it near. You’ll need it for every treatment. And it's totally easy to use. It’s totally lightweight. Also, it’s very durable. It lasts for countless treatments. A pack of two will probably last you for several months. That depends on your schedule though. A simple tool for amazing work. Amazing for practice. Mark the trail of your success with it. It comes off as a straight line. You can count on it.

A microblading artist can’t really work without a PhiBrows pen. Correct shapes and outlines are necessary for successful microblading services. For that, you need an accurate pen. Especially if it comes for a price of 20$. Buy it now. It comes with two in the pack. They’ll last you for so long you’ll forget when you bought them.

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