PhiBrows™ Golden Ratio Divider


PhiBrows golden ratio divider is a trademark microblading tool. Used for eyebrow measurement. Measures according to golden ration. Gives you more accuracy. Mark client’s face before the treatment. Ensures successful microblading services. Comes with an additional hand divider for more precision. A tool you can’t imagine microblading services without.  

  • Precision
  • Used for eyebrow measurement
  • Additional hand divider for more precision
  • Measures according to the Golden ratio
  • Stainless steel

It’s impossible to perform PhiBrows microblading without the golden ratio divider. The only tool that effectively measures entire face. Find the best angles and arches. Draw with total precision. Easy to use. Invented to compliment PhiAcademy techniques. You could use any type of microblading tool for drawing. You can’t use anything other for measuring than golden ratio divider. It’s the compass of the successful service.

The golden ratio divider is made of stainless steel. Fits any makeup bag. Goes even better with PhiCase. It’s highly durable and long-lasting. A single divider could last you for years. It will grow on you. Other proportions measuring tools are made of plastic. There’s no need to replace this one.     

Do your services to utmost perfection. And the only tool you truly need is the golden ratio divider. It’s specially designed to measure the shape of any face. Find what’s beautiful in any face. Draw it. Discover your style. Make their eyebrows beautiful. Measure it according to the golden mean. The Phi method works with any client.

PhiBrows golden ratio divider is something you must have for microblading. It’s totally accurate. Measures according to Phi. Do your services to perfection. And do it for precisely 73$. That’s a fair price for an outstanding service. Something you truly don’t want to miss.


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