PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigment SUP Brown 2


SUP Brown 2 is the universal microblading color with the most application in microblading. Equal parts black, red and yellow, means this pigment contains all the base colors. Brown 2 is primarily used on natural brunettes, but it has endless application and can be used on any other hair type. The pigment formula has better color retention, honey effect, and enhanced stability, and you get so much more:

  • .33 oz bottle
  • Original SUP formula
  • 100% microblading quality
  • 0% heavy metals (tested)
  • Treats up to 40 clients
  • 100% ready for use
  • Same day shipping

Brown 2 is a mixture of equal parts red, black and yellow to form the universal microblading color. Out of all colors, this brown has the widest application and can be used on clients with blond, brunette and even dark hair. It is also used to create other pigments like Golden Brown and Fox since it stands at the center of microblading color theory. The pigment itself gives off a warm effect to the brow, and due to its thick texture has brilliant retention which can last on the brow up to one year after the treatment.

You can use this pigment for both microblading, and PMU (if using a PMU machine). The thick consistency and concentration of pigment mean you will need to use a thinning agent to dilute the pigment and prepare it for use with blades. To distribute the pigment evenly inside the cup, do use a mixer.

SUP (Supplemental) formula was developed at the PhiBrows Academy in Europe by master artist Branko Babic. It combines yellow and black pigments (synthetic pigments) and micronized iron oxide (organic pigments) to create a fusion formula. No SUP pigments have any traces of heavy metals. This is proven after strict “total opening” tests conducted in France and Switzerland. The pigment is also approved in other European countries, as well as USA, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world. This is an important piece of information since clients regularly ask is the microblading procedure safe. Now you can answer: Yes it is.

Every SUP Brown 2 pack has one .33 oz bottle of pigment. It contains the right amount of pigment to last up to 40 microblading sessions. That’s an average price of a few cents above $2 of pigment you spend per treatment when you steal it from us for just $85.

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