PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigment SUP Fox


SUP Fox is a red-based pigment. Two parts red to one part yellow are used to create this color, to create an orange color. This pigment is primarily used on natural redheads, with an application on Maron and reddish brunettes. The SUP formula used to create this pigment has increased stability and durability and goes on the skin beautifully. Check out what else you receive when you get this pigment:

  • .33 oz bottle
  • Original SUP formula
  • 100% microblading quality
  • 0% heavy metals (tested)
  • Treats up to 40 clients
  • 100% ready for use
  • Same day shipping

Fox is an orange color created by mixing two parts yellow to one part red. This color is used almost exclusively for natural redheads to give an orange shade to their brows. But it can also be applied on brunettes, especially if they have a reddish shine, like a deep maroon. Since the pigment contains equal parts synthetic and organic pigments it takes to the skin with ease. It has a warm effect after the first pass, despite being a lighter color, and amazing color retention that can last at least up to one year.

This pigment contains a high concentration of color, which makes it very thick. Before application make sure to use a few drops of thinner to dilute its consistency, and a mixer to blend the liquid evenly. After that, you can easily use your microblading tool. Apart from microblading, you can also use this pigment when using a PMU machine and provide clients with PMU services.

The supplemental pigment formula, or SUP for short, was developed as a third generation microblading pigment by master artist Branko Babic and the PhiBrows Academy. The formula represents a mixture of synthetic pigments (black and yellow) and organic red iron oxide pigment. Before being turned into pigment, the red iron oxide is first purified and then micronized to eliminate any traces of heavy metals. To prove this, all pigments are tested (with “total opening” tests). Only after they pass these tests, are pigments approved by national cosmetic laws and allowed to be put in circulation. Because of this, you can tell your clients that all SUP pigments are 100% safe for use on their brows.

SUP Fox has one bottle of .33 oz of pigment. This $85 bottle which has enough pigment for 40 treatments. Using simple math, you can calculate that the average cost for you is just $2 per one $600 treatment. And there are 39 more treatments still to come. Think we’ve got our math wrong, correct us by clicking on the bright button above.

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