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Phibrows universal holder rose gold is a tool for an artist who sees microblading as professional romance. This beautiful tool can fit any blade. Totally easy to clean while retaining its beautiful color. The only holder you will ever need since you re-use it and all you have to do is sterilize it. Rose gold for a complete artistic experience. This is the tool that crowns your artistry and unique expression.


  • Fits all blades
  • Sterilized cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Replaces disposable holders
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rose gold color


Suitable for all blade types. The design goes beyond the simplistic demands of either eccentric or classic grip. While it leans more towards eccentric style, it transcends both. Created to unleash the total artistic experience of microblading. All you have to do to use it again is clean with an autoclave. Remember, sterilization is necessary before each use. Make it pure like your art. Highly recommended for all microblading artists, from beginners to masters.  


Fit .18 blades, U-blades or even microneedles in it. Turn each treatment into an art. Do what comes naturally to an artist like yourself. Lightweight as a paintbrush. So light that each face becomes a canvas. Amazing for making a masterpiece out of every treatment. It gives a breath of fresh air to an everyday service. The rose gold color inspires you to develop a new style. It becomes more than a simple experimentation. With this Phibrows universal holder, it becomes a journey. For a peerless dedication to services. Total efficiency, functionality, and precision.  


It’s a rose gold Phibrows universal holder. The color that embodies total dedication. The moment when you insert the blade into the holder invokes intuition. You could keep your eyes closed and still perform an amazing service. You are an artist like no other. Believe in your stroke. You have a tool to match it.


A Phibrows universal holder is designed for a microblading artist. Because art is what you bring to each treatment. Enhance that feeling for the price of 71$.