PhiBrows™ Universal Holder Silver


Phibrows universal holder silver is standard tool found inside a microblading kit. It’s a universal holder which means it can fit any blade. Suitable for sterilized cleaning, you can easily maintain it. There’s no need for any other classic or eccentric holders. It’s silver and long-lasting - this tool will last you through numerous treatments without losing its shine.


  • Fits all blades
  • Sterilized cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Replaces disposable holders
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Silver color


Fit any type of blade into it. It’s designed to support all styles and grips, classic and eccentric. Still, the handle’s design leans more towards the eccentric style. Made for simple and efficient use. Created from high-quality materials. Quick maintenance with sterilization. That’s all you have to do before each use. Like your success, it’s made to last. Amazing for amateurs and beginners alike.


Use it to fit microneedles, .18 blades, and even U-blades. Do more work with less effort and spending. Take your art to another level with this truly lightweight tool. It grows into your hand. It becomes a part of you. Use it for each treatment. A multi-practical tool, it’s awesome for developing your style. Because you can switch between blades effortlessly, and use it to experiment. Use it with efficiency, ease, and precision. It’s a tool without an equal. Your clients will love it.


This Phibrows universal holder is silver. The color evokes seriousness and strikes a professional tone. Perfect for a dedicated professional like yourself. It shines a new light on a well-developed technique. A special tool for a peerless stroke.


True artistic personalization with this Phibrows universal holder. Certainly, your clients are getting the mastery they deserve when they come to your treatment. Move to an entirely new level of microblading for the price of 51$.

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