PhiContour Latex Printed Eyes


In the makeup world, if something is complicated, that’s getting that perfect eyeliner wing. This takes a lot of practice, and in order to be excellent at what you’re doing, not only do you need the education and knowledge, but practice as well. Since practicing on yourself is not enough, PhiAcademy came up with a great solution, that comes in the form of PhiContour Latex Printed Eyes.

Each piece comes with 4 sets of eyes, which means that you have 8 chances of perfecting that flawless eyeliner wing. It’s made out of the highest-quality latex which makes the texture almost identical to the human skin. It’s also extremely soft and feels nicely when touched.

Even if you make a mistake, there’s no problem as there is plenty of room for you to try it again and make your technique perfect for working with real life models.

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