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The success of your brand becomes even stronger once you feel glamorous while working. And since you chose the beauty department as your business, it’s very advisable that you use equipment that makes you feel quite special while you work.

One such thing is the PhiGlow Holder, made out of stainless steel of the highest quality and it comes in silver color. Unlike the Universal holder, the PhiGlow holder can be used for several kinds of blades, such as:

  • Shading Needle 38
  • 12 Triple Flat Blade
  • 5 - Round Blade
  • 3 - Round Blade
  • 36 - Round Blade
  • 18U - Blade
  • PhiBlade U 304

The blades don’t have to be the same size as the holder can be dismantled so that it can fit blades of different sizes. The product is also resistant to water, water vapor and acids. Make sure to sterilize it prior to every use.