PhiLashes Curve Tweezers


No matter what kind of service you offer, having high-quality tweezers is of the utmost importance. In the sea of thousands of different kinds of tweezers that differ in size, shape, and most importantly quality, make sure to choose the best ones.


Designed in the same manner as straight isolation tweezers, these are great for separating individual eyelashes. The PhiLashes Curve Tweezer is a great product that’s very user-friendly, easy to use for the isolation of natural lashes and also designed well to catch individual eyelash extensions.


With this product, the eyelashes are easy to grip and hold. They are very affordable for the quality of service that they provide and are also very light and feel comfortable in your hand. In addition to that, they are made out of stainless steel of the highest quality, and come in gold color which makes them quite elegant to hold. 




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