PhiMixer Stick 10pcs


Plastic mixing sticks are necessary tools for pigment mixing. They are non-toxic, durable and light. Made of plastic. Use them with PhiBrows pigment mixer machine. Can be used with microblading or PMU pigments. Also, it can mix lash products. It’s your addition for creating a perfect pigment color.  


  • Weight: 25g
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Disposable
  • 10pcs
  • Plastic
  • Use it with Phi Mixer Machine


The plastic mixing sticks should be an essential to your microblading, PMU or lash service. Made of quality plastic. No possibility of mixing or shredding into the pigment. Also, the sticks are non-toxic. They come with no possible health hazard. Completely safe for use. Ensure color quality with each mixing. Durable yet disposable. Each stick is tested and sterilized before packaging. Provides a hygienic environment for work. Disinfection isn’t necessary but is advised. Great for reducing the potential risk of bad pigment mixing. A simple addition to your microblading or PMU tools to achieve total success. Stick to it. It pays off.


A really good choice for malicious work. SImple to use and very light. They weight 25g per stick. Insert it into the machine. Install it into the pigment mixer. Use it for a few seconds to see if the application is successful. Mix to achieve the perfect color. The cross-shaped end of the stick ensures even mixing. Leaves no spare pigment. It won’t break or melt during the mixing. Need only a few seconds before mixing the pigment to achieve the desired color.


Use plastic pigment mixing sticks to mix microblading, PMU or lash pigments. Do it with non-toxic sticks. Safe for the application. They come for a price of only 5$. And you get 50 pieces. And with an average price of a microblading or PMU treatment you can get more than a monthly supply. Now that’s a bargain.

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