Phi Patches - Polyurethane Protective Dressing


PhiPatches are polyurethane based protective dressing. Use them for home care. Apply them for microenvironment control of the wound. A highly efficient bacteria barrier. And it’s sterile and waterproof. Protect the results of your treatment. Make your work outstanding. Prevent irritation and infection. Make your treatment a success with PhiPatches.


  • Sterile
  • Waterproof
  • Adhesive
  • Bacteria barrier
  • Use after PMU or microblading
  • 2 pieces


PhiPatches are sterile and waterproof. Protects the face under all conditions. Each patch is pre-sterilized. No possible infection from the product. Amazing for the initial phase of post-treatment care. Waterproof, so you can wash your face when you apply them. Great for traveling or a busy client. They can go anywhere with them. And the package isn’t big either.


The PhiPatches offer bacteria barrier protection. Tested to stop known bacteria from infecting treated area. The polyurethane base prevents bacteria from entering the area of treatment. And seals the wound completely. The base creates a clean surface for application of other aftercare products. Makes your client’s and your life much easier. It’s the first step to a successful aftercare treatment. The one you don’t want to miss.


Also, PhiPatches are adhesive and easy to use. Simply apply them to the area of treatment. The adhesive material keeps them on client’s face for several hours. Clients can keep doing as usual. Heavy exercise still isn’t recommended. Excessive sweating damages pigment. The PhiPatches wouldn’t fall off though. When you are done, simply peel them off. It won’t damage their skin. And it doesn’t hurt a bit.  


Prevent any possible irritation or infection. And use a highly sophisticated yet simple solution. Protect the microenvironment of the wound with PhiPatches. Get two pieces per pack for only 32$. Easy to apply and to be used during sleep. Client’s belief in the treatment success is priceless. Also, makes you sleep easier at night.

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